National Collaboration for Youth Health


The fundamental right for all, the “right to health and the right to a healthy life,” is defined not only in the national constitution but also in many international conventions.

This right and some services and facilities to be used within the framework of this right have been given more detail in some documents for “children and young people” and even “special regulations” in the context of “positive discrimination”.

According to official figures, 50% of the population in Turkey is under 20 years old. For this reason, the definition of these rights and their existence in practice are becoming more important.

Therefore, it is very important for our country that “young people” to be aware of these rights, to be informed about the rights, to be aware that these rights are “right, and thus to claim these and to benefit them in daily life and in practice”. This will also be beneficial in terms of developing the rights, expanding the content and scope, and expanding it.

Participant profile From 81 province, Youth Leaders / Youth Workers / NGO representatives



  • To inform youth about healthy life through peer education, health rights and risk-bearing diseases in young people, especially cancer
  • Raising awareness about healthy life in young people
  • Ensure that young people are more conscious about their health and their families, especially the healthy life of their environment
  • To increase cooperation and solidarity among young people
  • To develop dialogue and cooperation with young people in public institutions and non-governmental organizations
  • To strengthen the knowledge and experience of young people in communication, team work, coordination, non-formal education and peer informing with interactive education.
  • Give information about Health Rights and Health.
  • Advocacy for Peer Education and Health Rights
  • Organizing Youth Campaigns
  • Youth health politics and healthy life methods, fight against cancer
  • Rights-based advocacy
  • Campaign Creation and Campaign Management

Social Events


Widespread training methods and workshop studies will be organized. Participants will be included during the day according to their interests in the trainings to be carried out under different titles.

Campaign development

During the week, young people are expected to develop innovative campaigns that will raise awareness for young people.


Social media and young people ‘s extensive use of publicity will be done.

Online live broadcast will be made.

The daily journal of the training will be issued.

With Eurodesk contact points support, simultaneous announcement of all activities in Turkey will be provided.