Common Platform For Fight Against Cancer – Patient Association Meetings


(Advocacy Training for Patient Associations)

There are about 40 associations which are fighting against cancer in Turkey. These associations are not able to carry out studies in the infrastructure that will improve patient rights and conditions of cancer patients in Turkey through rights advocacy and lobbying activities at the level of patient rights and policy making. One of the biggest reasons for this is that they are based on associations that organize only help, events and meetings without following new developments without being aware of associations’ lobbying and advocacy activities as in America or Europe.

It is a misconception that civil society organizations have the right to inspect democracy. At this point, non-governmental organizations do not have enough knowledge and experience, especially in matters requiring expertise such as rights-based advocacy and lobbying. They are also uninformed about fundraising for patients and their relatives and about campaign management. Many associations in Europe, and especially in the United States, can create their own funding sources, and lobby and advocate for governments, institutions to pressure and support the improvement of patient rights and conditions.

Trainings on Fighting Against Cancer must be given and capacities should be developed in the areas of Rights Based Advocacy, Lobbying, Campaign Management and Fund Management, which is a new field in Turkey and where there are not many experts.

  • Communication
  • Rights-based advocacy
  • Civil Society and Lobbying
  • Campaign Management
  • Resource Development and Fund Management
  • Sharing Experiences
  • Carrying out Corporate Campaigns for Fight Against Cancer
  • New Media Studies
  • Participation to International conferences and trainings in Turkey