Cancer Patients Congress


Profile of the Participants

Cancer Patient and Their Relatives From 81 provinces. A methodology will be preferred in which the participants are composed of patients and their relatives and that they haven’t attend workshops before will be involved and answers can be obtained quickly and clearly.



During the conference, we aim to create a common sense on a participatory planning situations faced by participants.


First stage – Situation Determination;

Participants are expected to uncover all the common problems in the general session. Each participant will be interviewed in the event of a moderator.


Second Stage – Identify the Issues;

Participants will gather under three topics before diagnosis, after treatment, and after treatment, and brainstorm a detailed story on these three main topics. Participants discuss the problem with details for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes of discussion at each desk, group presentations will be made. Participants will work with groups of people who sit at the table for a certain period of time and change so that all participants will be able to share their experiences in a more relaxed and in-depth questioning of questions in small groups.


Third stage – Poster

Groups are expected to prepare a poster to pass the 5 most effective recommendations from the solution proposals they will bring to the issues presented at the table.


Fourth stage – Silent Wall;

These proposals will be written on poster sheets and a silent mural will be applied to allow all participants to read, vote and add. All subsequent output will be compiled and presented as a common statement.


Main topics to be discussed;

  • Patient Rights
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Palliative Treatment (Relieving Treatment)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Social Support and Financial Assistance
  • Psychological Support to Patients and Their Relatives
  • Informing the Patient
  • Relations Between Patients and Healthcare Workers
  • Quality of Care
  • Early Diagnosis and Treatment Conditions
  • Sharing Experience
  • Social Media and Effective methods of using
  • Preparing a Declaration of 10 Articles
  • Workshops
  • Take Action for Health
  • Common Platform for Cancer-Patient Association Meetings
  • National Collaboration for Youth Health
  • Cancer Patients Congress
  • Organizing Volunteers of Parliamentary Group Against Cancer