7th Oncology Days

7th. International A Blooming Plant Oncology Days

September 16-21, 2014 MUŞ TURKEY


16-21 September 2014 MUŞ TURKEY

“Cancer Policies in Turkey and in the World in the scope of 2023 Policies of Turkey,

Fighting Lung Cancers, Alcohol-Smoking and Skin Cancers”


The agenda of the International “A Growing Plant” Oncology Days, where priorities in the fight against cancer are discussed and which creates a platform for sharing information and experience at the international level, was determined together with our stakeholders and youth, as in previous years. In the workshops held with the participation of scientists, public institutions, non-governmental organizations, international organizations and young people, we discussed “Cancer Policies in Turkey and in the World in the scope of 2023 Policies of Turkey, Lung Cancers, Combating Alcohol and Cigarettes” in the 7th Oncology Days.

Cancer is a very important health problem that threatens the future of humanity and must remain on the agenda. Since habits and lifestyle are shaped at very early ages, cancer education should also be started at an early age and young people should be well informed that healthy life is closely related to habits acquired during youth. Informing young individuals and their families about environmental factors that cause cancer can reduce the rate of cancer diagnosis and reduce environmental factors. can supply. Learning about the connection between “Tobacco and Cancer” by the whole society, especially the youth, contributes to the reduction of possible cancer diagnosis.

This year’s theme of our event, which we will organize in order to keep the cancer disease threatening the future of humanity on the agenda and to follow the developments, is “Cancer Policies in Turkey and the World in 2023 Policies, Combating Lung Cancers, Alcohol and Smoking”, participating in the 6th International Oncology Days program. Its people have been determined by consensus by representatives of Public Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, National and International Organizations, Youth Centers and young people.


A short summary from the 7th International “A Growing Plant Oncology Days”…

Young Accumulation Association President Salih YÜCE, Onko-Sev Vice Chairman of the Board Canan ULUN, ECPC European Cancer Patients Coalition Vice President Simona ENE, TTOD-Turkish Medical Oncology Association President Prof. Dr. Pınar SAIP, Head of the Tobacco Department of the Public Health Institution of Turkey, Dr. Sertaç POLAT, Head of Cancer Department of the Public Health Institution of Turkey, Assoc. Dr. Murat GÜLTEKİN, Muş Governor Vedat BÜYÜKERSOY gave the opening speeches and the first session of the oncology days was on Lung Cancers. The chair of the session was Cancer Department Vice President Uz. Dr. Ezgi HACIKAMİLOĞLU and Muş State Hospital Chief Physician Op. Dr. Kenan BAYRAKTAR in his session, Prof.Dr. Basak Oyan ULUC, Dr. Ezgi HACIKAMİLOĞLU, Op. Dr. Özgür Ömer YILDIZ made a presentation. prof. Dr. Başak Oyan ULUÇ gave place to the incidence of Lung Cancer in Turkey and various statistics in her presentation on “Immuno-Oncological Treatment Approach in Lung Cancer and Promising New Treatments”.

  1. With their valuable information on “International A Growing Plant Oncology Days; We would like to thank all our scientists and physicians who shared important topics such as Tobacco, Lung Cancers, Spiritual Perspective Against Cancer, Melanoma, The Role of Civil Society in Combating Cancer, Media and Cancer, and answered the questions of patients and their relatives.

The “European Cancer League (ECL), Dance Against Cancer – Hand in Hand Walk Against Cancer”, which has become a tradition in our oncology days, was held with the participation of all our invited guests, non-governmental organizations and the people of Muş. Thank you to all participants.

Also, to Bristol-Myers Squibb(BMS), our sponsor of the 7th “International A Growing Plant Oncology Days”, MEMEDER and Turkish Medical Oncology Association (TTOD) for their special support, Eastern Development Agency (DAKA), Eurodesk- We would like to thank Turkey and Plus Value Strategic Communication Consultancy, Young Effort Association, Non-Governmental Organizations, Green Crescent, Cancer Department, Muş Municipality and Muş Governorship.


The Cancer Department, Oncology Societies and ECPC have full support for the oncology days, and they have decided to support the 8th International “Growing Plant” Oncology Days, which will be held next year. A call will be prepared by the Young Accumulation Association to receive suggestions on the 8th International “Growing Plant” Oncology Days and will be announced to all stakeholders. Suggestions will be gathered in this way and the issue will be decided by a committee of stakeholders.

Hope to meet you at the 8th International “Growing Plant” Oncology Days, 19-25 September 2016…


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