6th Oncology Days

6th. International A Blooming Plant Oncology Days

May 24-26, 2013 MUŞ TURKEY


The 3rd, 4th and 5th International “A Blooming Plant” Oncology Days, which we organized with the support of the promotion fund, became a turning point in the field of the fight against cancer with the contributions of the experienced non-governmental organizations and the youth. Non-governmental organizations and youth centers from inside and outside Turkey found an opportunity to communicate and cooperate with each other. Moreover, the scientists and the associations participating in the program from Turkey have been internationally recognized.

By improving our national and international activities with the 6th International “A Blooming Plant” Oncology Days which we plan to organize this year, we aim to enlarge and strengthen the international cooperation network of Youth Accumulation Association in the short term.

During the 6th International “A Blooming Plant” Oncology Days; important topics were discussed such as melanoma skin cancer, colorectal (Intestinal Cancers), lung cancer, breast cancer, social media and cancer, spiritual perspective against cancer, the role of social society, nutrition and cancer, patient schools, global cancer control, expectations of cancer patients, tobacco products and cancer, smoking addiction, harms of smoking, good examples of countries in fighting cancer, cancer awareness, expectations and experiences of cancer patients.

As in previous years, the program that we prepared in the form of workshops and conferences made easier the active participation of the youth. Expert trainers and moderators greatly increased the effectiveness of the sessions. Educators, moderators, and the session leader’s authority in the subject played an important part in the Oncology Days.

A summary from the 6th International ‘A Blooming Plant’ Oncology Days…

The Speeches of the first session on MELANOMA Cancer were given by Young Accumulation Association Present Salih Yüce, Onko-SEV Vice Chairman of the Management Board Canan Ulun, Vice President of the ECPC European Cancer Patient Coalition Simona Ene, Muş Provincial Director of Public Health Dr. Serdar Türkoğlu, 23rd Term Istanbul Deputy Canan KALSIN, President of the Federation of Breast Diseases Associations, Academician of Istanbul University Prof. Dr. Vahit Özmen, The Founding President of Slovenia Mr. Alonj Peterle, President of the World Cancer Organization for the next term Prof. Dr. Tezer Kutluk, The Governor of Muş Mr. Vedat Büyükersoy, Head of Cancer Department Assoc. Dr. Murat Gültekin.

Melanoma and Colorectal Cancers

During the session, which was chaired by Prof. Dr. Alper Sevinç from Gaziantep and Member of the ONKO-SEV board Head Nurse Seyhan Akar, the participants were informed about the potential dangers and up-to-date information of melanoma cancer by Prof. Dr. Gökhan Demir from Bilim University, Bezmialem Faculty of Medicine Specialist Betül İlhan Bayram and Prof. Dr. Alper Sevinç.

On the second day’s session, which was chaired by Prof. Dr. Dursun Buğra and Surgeon Ahmet Serdar Karaca, colorectal cancers were discussed through the presentations made by Prof. Dr. Ethem Geçim on colorectal cancer treatment and new approaches in Europe, Dr. Nurullah Zengin on colorectal cancer treatment and its difficulties in Turkey, Suzan D. Olson from the U.S.A on nursing considerations for colorectal cancer, BezmiAlem University Faculty of Medicine Department of Pathology Prof. Dr. Sema Arıcı on expectations from pathology, Milan Djordjevic from Europa Colon on living with colorectal cancer and the point of view of patients, and Dr. Toker Ergüder from the World Health Organization on physical activities.

Throughout the program, it was underlined that particularly the awareness of the youth and society should be raised about melanoma and colorectal cancer and that this issue should be prioritized in the projects that will take place in the next working period.

Global Cancer Control

President of Turkish Cancer Research and Fight Association Prof. Dr. Tezer Kutluk holding the floor in the session informed participants about global cancer control and explained how to tackle it powerfully, and also he shared his thoughts about fighting against cancer sophisticatedly in the international area, and about Turkish non-governmental organizations that should increase their activities in it.

Spiritual Perspective Against Cancer

In all developed countries in the world, moral support is given to cancer patients, and some also have palliative care centers. The Cancer Department of the Ministry of Health decided to prepare a circular about the foundation of palliative centers after we had emphasized the importance of this subject. We’re proud of our program for leading this solution in this process.

The Role of Civil Society in the Fight Against Cancer

Denis Horgan, Head of the International Affairs Unit of the European Cancer Patient Coalition talked about the works of ECPC in his speech by stating that the fight against cancer at the European level cannot be without organizations and patients. Moreover, he explained that ECPC cooperated with 345 associations from 42 different countries, on how to fight against the factors causing cancer such as tobacco products, malnutrition, and damaging environmental conditions. Illustrating from ECPC studies, he also emphasized that cancer rates are increasing all over the world, and the work of associations about this issue is vital. Denis Horgan mentioned that social media facilitates the inclusion of the youth in this process.

The consistent continuation of the “Smoking Ban”, which is one of the most important steps in the fight against cancer in Turkey, was suggested to the representatives of the Ministry of Health.

‘’I’m cancer but…’’

During the session titled ”I’m cancer but..”, cancer patients Salih Yüce, Canan Perdahlı, Hazal Erkan, and cinema director Onur Ünlü shared their encouraging personal experiences which can be served as a model. In addition, Caty Gelanon from the U.S.A shared the current situation in metastatic breast cancer.

The educators taking charge in the workshop section of the program Tuğba Cansalı, Derya Büyüktanır, and Şefik Emre Coşkun helped the participants to know each other and adapt to the program in a short time by applying interactive methods. During education and workshops, it was discussed Health Policy of the European Union, Social Exclusion in Health, The Role of Civil Society in the Fight Against Cancer, and The facts about cancer.

In European Week Against Cancer, the youth and local people performed folk dances in all European countries and walked with all participants hand in hand against cancer. Also, in the process of the program, Early Diagnosis and Treatment Center was visited, and the doctors attending the program examined the patients for free.


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