4th Oncology Days

4th. International A Blooming Plant Oncology Days

April 10-17, 2011 ANKARA TURKEY


4th International ‘A Growing Plant’ Oncology Days


10-17 April 2011 ANKARA TURKEY


“Health and Patient Rights”

We have set the agenda of the 4th International “A Growing Plant” Oncology Days as “Health and Patient Rights”. Our goal is to provide information on “Health and Patient Rights” to young people, families and non-governmental organizations operating in the fight against cancer through public institutions, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, youth centers. At the same time, one of our goals in this meeting is to achieve results that improve the relationship between healthcare providers and cancer patients.

“Health and Patient Rights”, one of the most important parts of universal human rights, is one of the issues that should remain on the agenda in the field of cancer. From the moment the patient is diagnosed, he or she has various rights regarding the treatment of the patient. Directing young people to make regular health check-ups will not only speed up the diagnosis of cancer but will also pave the way for young people to exercise their “health rights”. Ensuring that the whole society, especially the youth, learn about “patient rights” will pave the way for a better-quality treatment process in case of any cancer diagnosis. The 4th International “A Growing Plant” Oncology Days will in a sense be the starting point of international studies on this theme.

Institutions and organizations have made a great contribution in every field, from the formation of the content of the 4th International “A Growing Plant” Oncology Days, which we have organized for the fourth time this year, to the determination of the participants. As in previous years, it was supported by ECPC, UICC, ECL, Department of Cancer Control, Department of Youth Services, Turkish Youth Federation, Hand-in-Hand Against Cancer Platform, and many domestic and international organizations with which we have bilateral relations, during the 4th International Oncology Days. This cooperation network will also ensure that the impact of Oncology Days will spread throughout the year and that the preliminary steps will be taken for the international studies we will do in the coming years.

Sharing experiences and good examples at international and national level in the field of cancer, which is a disease without borders, carries great importance. The experience of one country in the field of cancer can be a guide for another country. Cancer is a multifaceted health problem with psycho-social and economic aspects. For this reason, the active involvement of families, young people and non-governmental organizations in the fight against cancer expands and strengthens the field of fight against cancer and contributes to the efforts to create a social awareness.

Cancer patients and their relatives should take an active part of the fight against cancer. This will enable new treatments and new trends to reach patients firsthand. This is of vital importance for the protection of children and young people against cancer. Reaching all children, young people and families and making them conscious about adopting a healthy lifestyle is not an easy matter. As people who face this problem every day, patients and their relatives will be able to take an active role in raising awareness about this issue. In this respect, patients and non-governmental organizations working on the fight against cancer should take part in international platforms and participate in activities organized abroad and domestically so that they can follow national and international developments, be active parts of them and share all these.

As the lack of experience of non-governmental organizations operating in the field of combating cancer is eliminated, the field of combating cancer will become stronger. It is not possible to achieve the experience gained by non-governmental organizations and the growth of the field only through national studies. Cancer knows no borders and international cooperation platforms in the field facilitate the fight against cancer all over the world.

Three main results emerged at the 4th International “A Growing Plant” Oncology Days.

1-To ensure the sharing of international and national experiences and good examples on the subject, to make the subject of “Health and Patient Rights” available in the fight against cancer and in cancer treatment, to contribute to the development of public-civil society coordination.

2- To enable non-governmental organizations, youth centers and cancer patients to take an active part in the fight against cancer, to facilitate their development of international activities and to monitor national and international processes.

3-To ensure the growth and development of the network that we have started to create in the field of combating cancer as the Young Accumulation Association.

The dissemination of the results of the 4th International “A Growing Plant” Oncology Days has been a very important starting point and reference source in reaching our target audience.

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