2nd Oncology Days

2nd. International A Blooming Plant Oncology Days

April 18-25, 2008 MUŞ TURKEY


The “Raising Awareness Of Youth About Cancer” project, organized by the Youth Accumulation Association between 18-25 April 2008 in Muş, became the beginning of a milestone for Turkey. The project was supported by cancer department of the Ministry of Health, Muş Governorship, Novartis Oncology and Pfizer, and was also assisted by non-governmental organizations.

A brief summary of the 2nd International “A Blooming Plant” Oncology Days…

Within the scope of the project, Presidency of the Parliamentary Health Commission, Deputies, Bureaucrats, invaluable scientists of Turkey on cancer, Representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations, Journalists, Specialists, The Member of the European Parliament and The Former President of Slovenia, Mr. Alojz PETER, who has significant Works on the fight against cancer, Italy, Greece, Spain, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania and Representatives of Youth Non-Governmental Organizations and young people from England came together. It is very important and meaningful that all parties related to the cancer issue reunioned in Muş, Which is the poorest city of our country. Muş has broken new ground on this subject in Turkey.

After the meeting about “Awareness of Young People about Cancer” arranged in Muş, a workshop titled “Hand in Hand Fighting Against Cancer” was held on 6-7 June 2008 in Ankara by The Cancer Department. Influential scientists, experts, non-governmental organizations and private sector representatives from different regions of Turkey attended the workshop. The workshop about fighting against cancer, which was organized for cooperation and coordination with non-governmental organizations, was very successful and the agenda was enriched with different perspectives, also the expected targets were reached through the effective discussions and speeches.

Muş and Ankara meetings that emphasized acting in unison and in coordination on the fight against cancer, clearly demonstrated the determination and willingness of the parties to cooperate. These steps taken in the fight against cancer have also a great importance in terms of determining the position that Turkey will take at the global and national level.

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