1st Oncology Days

1st.International A Blooming Plant Oncology Days

September 4-9 2005 MUŞ TURKEY

On the first oncology days we held, the idea of ​​’A Blooming Plant’ Project emerged for the youth in our country to realize the ignorance of cancer diseases, wrong attitudes towards cancer patients, and their fragile psychological states. The indifference of today’s youth to the patient and the disease, and their approaches such as ‘Neither I nor my family has cancer.’ prompted us to set up a Project.

The unawareness of the youth about the types of cancer, symptoms, precautions, and appropriate behaviors towards cancer patients caused us to focus on solving this issue. We noticed that NGO representatives who we discussed with are willing to cooperate about raising awareness and how we can be beneficial to the youth having this disease no matter where they are in the world. For this reason, together with the associations that want to carry out projects as part of youth programs, we planned to organize a seminar program that will inform the youth about cancer and support the preparation process of projects.

Preparations of a five-day program began in Muş, hosted by the Cancer Department of The Ministry of Health, Muş governorship and Youth Accumulation Association, and with the participation of attendants from France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Spain and Macedonia, Nevval SEVİNDİ, a journalist and writer who is the honorary president of our association, Mr. İsmet DEDE, Head of the Education Branch of the Cancer Department, AKP Muş deputy Dr. Medeni Yılmaz, President of ONKO-DAY Mrs. Füsun ÖNEN, Dr.Sevgisun KAPUCU from Hacettepe University, Psychologist Melek YILMAZER from Ankara Numune Hospital, Dr.Özhan TÜRKOĞLU from Aydın Province, Gülçin GÜNAY from Tercüman newspaper, Ayşe OLGUN from Yeni Şafak Newspaper, various media organs and NGO Managers from within the country.

A brief summary of the 1st International “A Blooming Plant” Oncology Days…

Besides, it was the first time that an international seminar was held in Muş, we’re glad that our guests from abroad visited muş for the first time in Turkey. In addition, our association also acted as a cultural ambassador on this occasion. Our guests who returned to their countries expressed their satisfaction on different platforms many times and planned to realize such works in their own countries. The seminar went beyond the usual formality and the attendants visited some sights such as Muş bağları, Lake Van, Ahlat, Nimrod.

A seminar on oncology, which was supported by DPT (National Agency), was held for the first time by 1st International ‘’A Blooming Plant’’ Oncology Days Youth Programs, hosted by the Cancer Department of The Ministry of Health, Muş Governorship, and ONKO-SEV. The program received positive reactions from the local people of Muş. It was pleasing to see the ones who have been with us since the establishment of our association and their hospitable attitudes toward our guests. Our seminar was brought to the agenda of the national press by journalist Nevval SEVİNDİ, Gülçin GÜNAY from Tercüman Newspaper and Ayşe OLGUN from Yeni Şafak Newspaper. On September 9, 2005, the attendants of the seminar were sent off by the Governor of Muş, Mr. İbrahim ÖZÇİMEN, after giving a certificate of participation.

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