Main Titles of the Programme

Programme by track


  • Cancer and Fight Against Cancer in Turkey
  • Cancer statistics in Turkey and in the World
  • European Union Health Policies and Cancer
  • Fighting Cancer at the Global Level and Turkey’s Role
  • The Role of International Cancer Organizations in Combating Cancer and Turkey’s Participation
  • Human Development and Health Policies
  • Good Practices and Sharing Experiences
  • The Importance of Culture in Fighting Disease
  • Patient-Physician Relationship, Physician Awareness Creation. Conscious Patient Formation and Patient Rights
  • The Role of Civil Society in the Fight Against Cancer
  • Spiritual Approach to Cancer
  • Fear of Cancer and the Role of the Media
  • Cancer in Mainstream and Social Media
  • Clinical Research Workshop
  • Breast Cancer Screening – Screening Methods
  • Current Situation in Breast Cancer Screening in Europe and Turkey
  • New Developments in Breast Cancer Treatment
  • Post-Treatment Considerations, Follow-up
  • Prevention in Female Cancers
  • HPV Vaccines
  • HPV and Cervical Cancer Screening in Turkey and in the World
  • Immuno Oncological Treatment Approach in Lung Cancer and Promising New Treatments
  • Lung Cancer Epidemiology
  • Smoking Cessation Methods
  • Cancer and Smoking Problem in Turkey
  • Smoking Ban in Turkey and Recent Developments
  • Smoke-Free Life and Human Rights
  • Tobacco Companies Advertising Strategies and Youth
  • Tobacco Industry
  • Harms of Smoking and Preventable Diseases
  • Flat Pack Application and Outdoor Smoking Bans
  • Smoking Cessation Methods and Smoking Cessation Services in Turkey

Parallel Sessions


Best Practices in Health Summit

Cancer Patients Congress

Joint Platform Against Cancer

Parliamentary Group Against Cancer

Youth Health Rights, National Cooperation Meeting

Health Festival