9th International “A Blooming Plant” Oncology Days with the main theme of “Women’s Cancers and Fight Against Cancers” will be hosted by the Young Accumulation Association, Muş Alparslan University, ONKO-SEV and Muş Municipality, in cooperation with the World Health Organization and will be held at Muş Alparslan University Congress Center this year on 25-29 May 2022.

With the participation of diverse groups of both national and international disciplines, we aim to produce solutions to the problems encountered through the workshops such as “Good Practices in Health Summit, the Parliamentary Group Against Cancer, the Right to Health Meeting for Youth, the Health Festival, the Cancer Patients Congress, the Joint Platform for Fighting Cancer”.

The 9th International “A Blooming Plant” Oncology Days, where new developments in the fight against women’s cancers will be discussed with all dimensions from diagnosis to treatment will take place with the participation of cancer-fighting associations that play an important role in the fight against cancer in Turkey, cancer patients from 81 provinces of Turkey, international NGOs, scientists, experts, bureaucrats, deputies, journalists to share their knowledge and experience.  The 9th International ‘’A Blooming Plant’’ Oncology Days which we aim to make it unique opportunity by gathering largest and most diverse audiences in Muş will be a higher-level meeting with your valuable participation and support.

We are honored to invite you to our organization.