8th ‘’A Growing Plant’’ International Oncology Days was held on May 7-14, 2018 at Muş Alparslan University Congress Center.

At the 8th International “A Growing Plant” Oncology Days, where new developments in the fight against “Women’s Cancers and Lung Cancer” are discussed with all dimensions, cancer-fighting associations that play an important role in the fight against cancer in Turkey, cancer patients from 81 provinces, international NGOs, scientists, experts, bureaucrats, deputies and journalists came together in Muş to share their knowledge and experience.

On behalf of the Congress Organizing Committee, Young Accumulation Association Board of Directors and Congress President Salih Yüce, in his opening speech; ” It is a source of honor and pride for us to hold the 8th International “Growing Plant” Oncology Days in Muş despite all the impossibilities. You may or may not be able to continue a few organizations with some support. Our biggest gains were our believers and volunteers. We were determined to hold the oncology days, which we postponed due to the negativities experienced in our country for the last two years, this year, regardless of the circumstances. Thank you for being here with us today, believing and supporting us.”

In his speech, Salih Yüce stated that the 8th International “A Growing Plant” Oncology Days is a remarkable project with both educational and awareness-raising dimensions, and made the following statements;

“As the Young Accumulation Association, one of our most important goals is to protect children and youth, who are the resources of society, against cancer. Cancer is a very dangerous health problem and early detection makes cancer treatment easier. For this reason, it is very important to inform families, children and young people about cancer correctly in terms of prevention and early diagnosis of the disease.

In the field of cancer, which is a disease without borders, sharing experiences and good examples at international and national level is of great importance. The experience of one country in the field of cancer can be a guide for another country. Our Ministry of Health draws attention to the fact that cancer will be the first cause of death in the world and in Turkey in the coming years.

Cancer is a multifaceted health problem with psycho-social and economic aspects. For this reason, the active involvement of families, young people and non-governmental organizations in the fight against cancer expands and strengthens the field of fight against cancer and contributes to the efforts to create a social awareness. Knowing the tobacco, nutrition and environmental factors that cause cancer very well and creating a social awareness, especially families and young people, is of vital importance in terms of protecting children and young people against cancer. Reaching children, young people and families and making them conscious about adopting a healthy lifestyle is not an easy matter. As people who face this problem every day, patients and their relatives should take an active role in raising awareness about this issue.

In order for patients and non-governmental organizations working on the fight against cancer to follow national and international developments, to be active parts of them and to share all these, they should take part in international platforms and participate in activities organized abroad and domestically. Oncology Days offer a unique opportunity to non-governmental organizations and youth centers in this regard. Thanks to Oncology Days, many non-governmental organizations in Turkey fighting against cancer had the opportunity to develop their relations at the international and national level.

Turkey has world-renowned scientists who are very successful in the fight against cancer. There is a great struggle of Turkish scientists behind the fact that cancer is a less feared and treatable disease in Turkey compared to previous years. Non-governmental organizations have been a great support point in transferring the work of the medical world to the society and protecting against cancer. In other words, the medical world, patients and civil society play complementary roles. It will be very difficult to achieve great results in the fight against cancer without cooperation between these sectors. On the other hand, non-governmental organizations fighting against cancer and youth centers coming together and cooperating with this large group will enable the multiplier effect of the issue to increase and spread to a wider environment.

In this respect, the 8th International “A Growing Plant” Oncology Days is a remarkable project with both educational and awareness-raising dimensions. The lack of active participation of non-governmental organizations in the fight against cancer processes is one of the main issues that are felt to be lacking in the fight against cancer in Turkey. The steps taken in this regard in recent years are promising in eliminating this deficiency.

Dear Guests;


The 8th International “A Growing Plant” Oncology Days are attended by experts from the public, non-governmental, international organizations, members of the media and representatives from the scientific world as speakers. 8. International ‘’A Growing Plant’’ Oncology Days this year, our Muş Governor Aziz Yıldırım, Prof. Dr. Vahit Özmen, Turkish Society of Medical Oncology, Prof. Dr. Ozlem Er, Prof. Dr. It is organized with the support of Fethi Ahmet Polat, Ministry of European Union, Ministry of Health, Muş Governorship, Muş Alparslan University, Muş Provincial Health Directorate and TIKA. Our Deputy Governor Abdulkadir Okay, Pink Traces Association President Arzu Karataş, Muş Provincial Health Director Dr. Serdal Türkoğlu, Sakarya Provincial Health Director Assoc. Dr. Aziz Öğütlü made the program possible. It is not enough to thank them enough.


Dear Alper Çiftci, Op.Dr.Nevin Özmen, Op.Dr.Özgür Ömer Yıldız, Aydın Öncel, Dr.Kenan Akpolat, Simona Ene, Nihal Akar, Şakir Çetin, Enver Kıvanç, Mahmut Bayramkan, Dr.Abdurahman Özden, Sevil Gürkan , Guzin Yildirim, Dr. Orhan Sami Gültekin, Gülenay Pınarbaşı have made very important contributions to us with their experience and knowledge.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to our 61 guests from 21 countries, patients and their relatives from 81 provinces, nearly 450 participants from different cities of our country, our valuable speakers and members of the national, local and international press who showed interest in our congress.

Hope to meet again at the 9th International “Growing Plant” Oncology Days, which we plan to organize on September 14-20, 2019…

Kind regards,

Salih Yuce