8th International “A Blooming Plant” Oncology Days this year with the theme ” Fighting Against Women’s Cancer and Lung Cancer” will be hosted by Youth Accumulation Association, Muş Alparslan University, ONKO-SEV and Muş Governorate of Turkish Republic, organized at Muş AlparslanUniversity Congress Center on 7-14 May 2018 with the support of the Ministry of Health Public Health Institution.

With the participation of different national and international disciplines, we aim to produce solutions to the problems encountered in the Cancer Patients Congress, National Collaboration for Youth Health, Common Platform for Cancer-Patient Association Meetings and Take Action for Health Workshops.

In 8th International “Blooming Plant” Oncology Days will be discuss with in all dimensions of the new developments, fight against female cancer and lung cancer, diagnostic treatment; cancer prevention associations, 81 cancer patients who play an important role in combating cancer in Turkey, international civil society organizations, scientists, experts, bureaucrats, lawmakers, journalists will participate to share their knowledge and experience.

We aim to have a prosperous and high-level organization with the supports to the 8th International “Blooming Plant” Oncology Days

We will be honored to invite you to our organization.

Kind Regards,

Congress Organization Board